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Kewang group, one of the nation's largest professional manufacturer of mechanical and electronic products, was founded in 1995,it is a company owned by kewang technology shares in December 2rd, 2015 listed on the stock transfer system (stock code: 834665), kewang is a collection of product research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in the integration of high-tech enterprises. Group adhere to the concept of "scientific development, sustainable management", have achieved rapid development in recent years.The core enterprises include: Dongguan kewang technology co., Ltd., Dongguan kewang network energy co., Ltd., Jiangxi kewang technology co., Ltd., Dongguan niuniu new energy technology co., Ltd.

       In more than 20 years, on the basis of market power and the energy industry, Combined with a deep understanding of the development trend of the energy industry and long-term accumulation. since 2014, kewang group relying on abundant capital strength, strong technology research and development and product design ability, we will focus on the wind/light power generation, PV inverter devices, integrated energy storage scheme, the electric car charging pile products such as new energy development and application of technology, equipment and products for innovative business planning and construction of large-scale production line, finally achieved impressive results.

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