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Recently, high temperature weather continues in shenzhen, summer is so hot. The shenzhen meteorological observatory issued a high temperature warning on Tuesday.  the next week will continue to be heat, hot 33-34 ℃, the highest temperature is expected to take effect to 27th. Summer weather makes people feel uncomfortable, even electric cars have to come out to do something, the high temperature season is always the high frequency of accidents.

At 21th,The first scene of shenguang reported on an electric car charging a sudden fire news, accident near the manholes, culture and art centre, it also spread quickly in the new energy cars circle, the specific reason remains to be the authority of the investigation department.

In such a hot day, whether it is an electric car or a fuel car, it is actually possible to generate spontaneous combustion, and it is hard to make absolute conclusions about the probability of who is big and who is small.Thousands of stars and controversial as the leading new energy car rental operators, in the past two years, judging from the reaction of the market and customer, rental electric car performance is good, did not show the status of the fire.

Today I'd like to discuss how electric cars should be used in hot summer weather.What should I pay attention to?Does high heat set electric cars on fire?What are the misuses?This article comes to an end, hoping to help drivers, the vast majority of new energy related practitioners.

Precautions for summer use of pure electric vehicles

A .Pay attention to the temperature and cooling system of the vehicle battery pack When driving in summer, you should pay attention to the air or water cooling system of the battery. If the failure lamp of the cooling system is on, you should check and repair at the maintenance point as soon as possible.The battery can be charged at a maximum temperature of 55 degrees Celsius.

In case of extreme high temperature environment, vehicle charging should be avoided until the battery temperature drops to normal level.If the temperature of the vehicle is over 55 degrees Celsius, please find a safe road to stop, turn off the fire (power off), and consult the after-sales service of the vehicle by telephone.

B.Drive smoothly and avoid driving violently

Avoid driving at high speed for long periods of time.Although most of the electric vehicle equipped with electric energy recovery function on the market, but in the process of driving throttle or brake is a battery charging "fierce" and "fierce" discharge process, the impact of the battery.In order to improve the battery life, it is recommended that car owners drive as smoothly and evenly as possible.

C.Avoid long periods of parking at low power levels

When the residual power is less than 20%, the vehicle should be charged in a timely manner. It is not recommended that the vehicle be parked for a long time or for more than 3 consecutive days.The best state of the battery is to keep the battery power above 50%. At this time, the self-discharging rate of the battery pack will be low, and the long parking will not cause great damage to the maintenance and durability of the battery.If you're traveling or traveling and don't use your car for a long time, the best thing to do is to fill your battery up before you leave.

D.The battery pack is used in accordance with the instructions

The car battery can't operate on power. When repairing the charging part or replacing the charging fuse, remember to unplug the power plug first.

When it comes to safe use of electric cars, the most important thing we need to pay attention to is the battery pack.Because the battery pack is the core of the car.Whether driving, charging or repairing, the operation should follow the instructions of the vehicle.

It is a common mistake to use electric cars in summer

Misunderstanding 1: high temperatures can set electric cars on fire

As a "new" thing, new energy electric cars will be misunderstood a lot. Besides, electric cars do have a lot of black history of spontaneous combustion.However, there is no direct relationship between the summer heat and the spontaneous combustion of electric cars.

When we talk about self-ignition of electric cars, we associate it with batteries.Because the battery will generate a lot of heat in the process of charging and discharging, if the internal temperature of the battery keeps rising or the temperature of the single battery is not uniform, there is a risk of overheating, burning and explosion.

But this feature of the battery is also known to carmakers, who have chosen to give the battery a cooling system and a heat management system (BMS).Most of the electric cars now on sale (except for the older ones) have their own cooling systems or heat management systems, so there is little chance that the batteries will overheat and ignite spontaneously.

More self-ignition accidents in electric cars are caused by aging lines and short circuits.There was no direct link between line aging, short circuit and summer high temperatures.

Misunderstanding 2: Everyday Charging will accelerate the battery's life

The range of electric cars doesn't drop as fast in summer as it does in winter. There's a surplus of battery power every day.

The life of the battery mainly depends on the number of charge and discharge cycles of the battery.Batteries undergo a charge (charge 0 to 100%) and discharge (charge 100 to 0), called a cycle.The charge and discharge cycle times of the battery are closely related to the discharge depth, temperature and charge and discharge system.Charging every day is not directly related to life decay.Just try not to charge your car when you run out of power.

Misunderstanding 3: You can't charge your car on rainy days

This should be a better understanding of the mistake, said that the rain can not charge the car is nothing more than fear of short circuit charging line.

First, from the charge pile, the normal charge pile waterproof is very strict standards.And since the development of electric cars, there have been no incidents of power leakage from public charging piles.

In addition, from the perspective of electric cars themselves, most charging ports are designed without electricity, and the materials near the charging ports are also insulated.So on a rainy day, there's absolutely no problem charging an electric car.Get out of our common mistakes of electric cars in summer. For the sake of your safety, please kindly remind us of some guidance information. I hope all the owners and drivers are safe.

1. Try to use charging piles of regular manufacturers to charge vehicles;

2. When charging with flying wire, connect directly to the wall socket;

3. The underground garage can be selected for charging after the high-temperature vehicle in summer;

4. Try not to charge outdoors in thunderstorm weather;

5. The batteries of electric cars should not be overcharged or overcharged. They should be shallow filled and shallow discharged.

6. In summer, the car should start slowly and avoid sharp acceleration, sharp deceleration and other drastic driving methods.

7. Plan to travel, minimize vehicle load and improve vehicle endurance;

8. Check the wheels, tire pressure and brake devices on a daily basis, and carry out regular maintenance to ensure driving safety.

Conclusion: at present, local governments are heavily promoted popularization of new energy electric cars, many of its technology could fuel the car if you have a perfect and mature, but it is also not paper, don't underestimate its safety, of course also cannot overestimate its safety.Hope the broad masses of new energy vehicle owners and drivers, can learn some more electric cars aspects of professional knowledge, the correct operation of new energy car, at the same time pay attention to the maintenance regularly, believe that the future of electric vehicles will become mainstream transportation, safe, you and I together to participate in and watch.

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